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Where Can You Get Children's Braces in Tyler, TX?

Visit Dr. Charles E. Lane III today so your child's teeth can grow properly

Does your child have an underbite or overbite? Are his or her teeth growing too closely to each other and crowding? Dr. Charles E. Lane III can give your child braces to straighten out his or her teeth. Our dentists use different types of braces depending on your child's needs, including:

  • Wire braces with rubber bands
  • Clear, removable braces
  • Braces with headgear to be worn at night

We'll examine your child's teeth and determine which type best suits his or her needs. You can trust us to keep your child's teeth healthy.

Call 903-561-8126 today to schedule an appointment to get braces for your child in Tyler, Texas.

What to expect when you come for your appointment

Dr. Charles E. Lane III recognizes that your child might be frightened when you visit us. Our dentists will do everything possible to make sure your child is calm and comfortable while you're here. Once we give him or her braces, your child will be one step closer to having a perfect smile.

Visit our dentistry in Tyler, Texas today to get the braces your child needs for a healthy smile.